Lomi Lomi Nui – Hawaiian Bodywork

Lomi Lomi Nui is a unique bodywork and healing system brought to the world by Hawaiian kahuna Abraham Kawai’i. “Body is a vehicle for full transformation” – he said and it is the main goal of Lomi. This very deep way of work acts on many levels and brings many changes in our energetic, mental and emotional spheres.
We concentrate on contact and listening to the body, giving it time, space and safe atmosphere for inner healing. We let body to speak and we follow it.

Lomi brings you a real contact with your body, build your inner consciousness as well as your emotions and needs.
On the physical level Lomi releases deep tensions hidden inside. A lot of work is focused on your back and shoulders to let your spine be straight, your chest be wide and open and your muscles be flexible again.
Step by step Lomi helps you to restore and rebuild your energy, strength and bright thoughts. Your body becomes really yours and changes quality of all your life.

The body

Everything what we can give, get and experience in our life is because we have a body. It’s the greatest gift. And we feel fine as long as our body is fine. If anything is wrong, our body knows first. That is why it is so important to care about it and to let it speak. Our body stores everything what we have ever experienced in our life, all the emotions that couldn’t appear and stayed hidden inside. No matter how long it was, some of them still behave as blocks for energy flow and don’t let us find the balance in our daily life. The Lomi task is to release them and let your body back to your best mood and be free again.


My name is Aga Drazkiewicz. I am a Lomi Lomi Nui teacher certified by Aloha International in Hawaii (USA). I studied sociology (University in Lodz, Poland), then finished Workstudy Program in Center of Holistic Body Work in Kientalerhoff (Switzerland), Professional Coaching School (SPC, Poland), Solution Focus Approach Training (SFA Center Poland) and others. I’ve learnt bodywork and therapy in Poland, Switzerland, Germany and Hawaii. I have got 10 years of experience in conducting individual sessions and leading the groups. I lead a Lomi school in Poland. I deal mainly with psychosomatics and bodywork therapy.